3 Ways of making money using a Travel booking website like Airbnb

A lot has been on the air about Vacation booking websites, most popular among which is Airbnb. What exactly are Vacation booking sites, how can you make money from running a vacation rental website like Airbnb?

First, what are vacation rental website, or using Airbnb as an example,

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online platform that gives people the opportunity to list their homes, lodges, hostel rooms (or accommodation of any sort) for rent. This service is international, so individuals wanting to travel to other countries can easily get a place to stay using this platform. Currently, Airbnb has close to a million listing in over 190 countries.

Airbnb clone script

Users of Airbnb register on this platform and make a listing of their homes or apartment that they want to give out for rent. The person making the listing is called the host. Anyone who needs accommodation (this person is known as the guest) can login into this website and choose from the thousands of accommodations listed on the platform, and pay to rent it.

So how can you make money running a booking website like Airbnb?

How Vacation or Travel booking site work

The host makes a list of homes available for renting and then the guest pays for space, after meeting all the requirement of the host and the website. The guest checks in into the apartment and the host is paid immediately when the duration for the rent is exceeded the guest leaves, and space is available again for the host to place for rent.

This seems to be just between the host and the guest, what does the site (or booking platform like Airbnb) gain from this transaction?

Ways of Making money from travel booking website like Airbnb

More than even the money the host gets or the satisfaction the guest gets from staying in the rented apartment; the site makes more money from these services.  How do they do this you may wonder!

  1. Registration Fee: Airbnb offers free registration, though some site may request for registration fee for those who want to list their homes or apartment for rent
  2. Listing Fee: Airbnb charges 3% of all listing for listing fee
  3. Guest Service Fee: Airbnb charges 6-12% from all guest payment as guest service fee

The above are the three ways that travel booking website makes their money. This is sure a lot of money when you look at the vast amount of listing and bookings that are made daily; which is still increasing. And given the ever-expanding travel and accommodation industry, there is sure a lot of potential for businesses and entrepreneurs to key into and launch their own travel booking website.

Setting up your own Travel booking website or platform

As an entrepreneur or business, you can tap into the vast money-making opportunity and potential in the travel and accommodation industry by launching your own travel booking website. Setting up your site to be like Airbnb and attract users is a daunting task, but not with Airbnb clone scripts.

Airbnb clone script is ready-to-use Vacation rental software that you can deploy to launch your own travel booking website in a matter of hours. There are a lot of vacation rental script that you can obtain from the internet, but the best Airbnb clone is Staysbnb; an Airbnb clone script by MintTM. This software comes packed with all the features that you will need to launch your booking website, satisfy your users, stand in the competition and make a lot of money.

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